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The patron Saint of hunters : Hubertus said : Wildlife must not just be hunted, but equally important is the conservation and understanding of the importance of wildlife in nature. We have to behave in nature and respect our wilflife. Hunting is an inseprable part of life and has been since the dawn of mankind. Hunting is a very important inter cultural phenomena not only in Europe but throughout the world. Many hunters aroound the world struggle with the media and especially non-hunters about hunting and whether obtaining food this way is ethical and socially acceptable. But what is more human than hunting an animal in a way it does not feel threatened or breeding animals solely for meat in often appalling conditions. We thank each and every hunter that hunts on the grounds of Ganeib and help in the preservatiion of the wildlife conservation where our local communities benefit from each and every animal shot.
So to all our hunters : We salute you !

Trophy hunting season starts 1st February until 30th November each year.

For the adventurous hunter, hunting is undertaken on foot or with a fully equipped 4x4 hunting vehicle, accompanied by our professional Hunting Guides, PH and trackers. Hunting from a hide or raised hide, can also be a most memorable experience, when hunter meets his prey up close.

Ganeib hunting farm is a hunters paradise from the break of dawn to the last light of dusk, with its 22 huntable trophy game which include : Springbok, Oryx, Jackal, Kudu, Common Impala, Baboon, Warthog, Steenbuck, Duiker, Burchell Zebra, Hartmann Zebra, Ostrich, Black Wildebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Giraffe, Sable, Red Hartebeest, Blesbok, Nyala, Letchwe and Eland.

Both cheetah and leopard hunts can be organized on request. All these species can be hunted on the farm and no further travelling is necessary. We also take pride in the excellent quality of our trophies.

Included in our daily rate

  • Licenced professional hunters, hunting guides, trackers and skinners
  • Hunting permit
  • Fully equipped 4x4 hunting vehicle
  • Skinning and trophy preparation
  • Transport of trophies to the taxidermist
  • Full board with laundry service
  • Stewards and stewardesses
  • Wi-fi
  • Transport from the airport to farm and back
  • All cooldrinks and water

Not included in our daily rate

  • Extra tours
  • Rifle rent
  • Gratuities to staff
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • 15% vat on accommodation
  • Trophy prices
  • Documentation and export of trophies from Namibia by a taxidermy and trophy shiping costs
  • Animals wounded and not found
  • Insurance and medical expenses
  • Any air travel
Although customary gratuaties are not mandatory, this acknowledges great service and how much to leave is entirely up to the guest. We recommend that should you wish to do so, to give this to the manager who will divide it fairly between the staff.


It is recommended that you bring your own fire arm. Should you not want to go through all the paper work of importing your rife, it is possible to rent a rifle on the farm.We have the following rifles...

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Ganeib works closely with Profi Taxidermist to ensure that your trophy requirements are met with utmost satisfaction.

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Suggested Hunting Wear

Khaki shirt and trousers are a must for anyone wanting to hunt in the African bushveld. High ankle boots are also a requirement and don’t forget a cap to protect your head from the sweltering heat.

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Casual Wear

For rest days we suggest you bring both cool and warm clothing as the weather can vary quite drastically on any given day.

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