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Situated 135 Kilometers South East of Windhoek lies the Ganeib Hunting & Guest Farm. Ganeib has been rated a two star establishment.
The name Ganeib means "Water Pan" in one of the local dialects.

The main guest house was built in 1935 by the first owners of the farm. In 1951 the two Dutch walls on the top of the main house where built by Joe Forrer who also built the Hotel at Rehoboth Station. From 1935 to 1994 commercial farming was the coractivity on the farm.

In 1994 the new owners Wolfgang and Helen Sternagel took possession of this prime land and felt it would also be well suited to the Hunting and Guest Farm Industry.
So their vision became reality over the next several years as they invested much time and effort to ensure a comfortable establishment that guests can enjoy.

The Sternagel's have even gone as far as to make adjustments according to feedback from their guests.

Ganeib hunting farm with its outstanding 5 star treatment, is situated 135km south-east of the capital, Windhoek in Namibia. This +-14000 hectar size hunting farm, with its exquisite view of panoramic mountains, typical red sand dunes, lies on the edge of the unforgiving kalahari desert.

At sunset you can view the animals coming to feed and drink at the waterhole by the guest house.

The bon fire on the dune with champagne puts an end to your unforgettable Namibian hunting experience with us.